About Concepts Architectural Design

Brymer Design Ltd,  an architectural designer (with the qualifications of Bachelor of Architecture and Building Science). We look to combine the flair of great design with the practicality of construction detailing, believing that the detailing makes the building what it is.

Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels, Design is how it works

Concepts Architectural Design has no particular styles or ‘signatures’ for its designs. We believe that all designs must respect their environment and meet the individual requirements of the client.

The challenge of a good architectural designer is to treat each project as different and unique. Considerations need to be given to every site and client. For example; with the same site but different clients, the planning and flow of the house will be different due to the individual requirements. Also different styles will be considered; conservative versus radical, and modern versus traditional.

Conversely the same client with different sites will require different designs, with each site offering unique aspects for the sun (one site may have views to the North, the other to the South), street appeal and private areas will also play important roles. Styles will vary depending on the environment; bush versus urban settings, and lifestyle block versus beach.

The process of the project

Initially our architectural designer will meet with clients to discuss their vision for their new home. We talk about the wants and needs, thereby establishing the design brief. Following this, we will visit the clients building site, this gives the design team a feel for the site, the views and sun directions. The next step is the creation of the design concepts. Once these drawings have been prepared, we will once again meet with the client, and following their input, develop them further.

Once the concept has been finalised, working drawings will be completed for pricing, council consent and construction of the project.

Further services can be provided such as organising the tender and onsite supervision if required.

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