Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the qualifications of your designer? Are they capable of producing a special, unique design, complementing your lifestyle?

A: Vaughan Priddey of Concepts Architectural Design has spent 5 years at university to complete his degrees in Architecture and Building Science, and has had experience in working for Architects in Europe. Vaughan has been designing residential projects for over seventeen years, 12 of those with Concepts Architectural Design.

Q: Is there two way communication with your designer? Will they listen to my needs and wants?

A: We are always mindful of producing designs which are what the client wants, and not what we think are best. The client is to be in control of the project, not the designer. We are flexible in the way we approach a project, our services differ for the individual client and project.

Q: Is your Designer capable if producing a special, unique design, complementing my lifestyle?

A: The challenge of a good designer is to treat each project as different and unique. Considerations need to be given to every site, and every client. The planning and flow of each house will be different due to the unique requirements of each client. Each client also has unique tastes and style, conservative versus radical, modern versus traditional.

Different sites require different designs, with each site offering unique aspects for the sun, views, street appeal and private areas. Styles need to be respective of the environment; bush versus urban settings, lifestyle block versus beach setting.

Q: Will I be truly happy with the final results? Do your designs have the best look and function for the budget?

A: All our designs are individual, and all seek to provide the best design for the client and the site.